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The Red Room [v0.4b]

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The Red Room [v0.4b]

During the introduction, the player will wake up inside one of the cells. A sequence will play showing the player waking up and getting out of bed. The Class-D Orientation Leaflet can be found on the table, which the player must pick up and read. Upon doing so, Agent Ulgrin will open the door and tell the player to follow him. If the player refuses to leave the cell, the guard will then close the door and open the gas valve in the room, killing them. It is also here where you can hear the PA System make announcements.

This chamber consists of two rooms connected to each other. The first main hall contains a guard balcony and a large window to the control room; the second room is the containment chamber for SCP-173 and is protected by a blast door.

This room is where the game's introduction takes place. Upon entering the room, the containment chamber opens and Security Chief Franklin, who can be found in the control room on the catwalk, tells all Class-D personnel to enter the chamber via the intercom. If the player refuses to enter the second room once it opens, Franklin will order the guard to shoot the player.

The main containment chamber is where the player first encounters SCP-173, seen in the far left corner of the chamber. Soon after entering the chamber, the blast door will malfunction, causing it to open and not respond to attempts to close it. Immediately after, a site-wide blackout will occur. The player will be required to escape from the room after SCP-173 has killed the two Class-D personnel, as well as the guard on the balcony. A vent can be found on the ground near the exit to the room, indicating that SCP-173 used the ventilation system to escape the room.

The office contains several work desks and filing cabinets, as well as two doors that each lead further into the complex. A catwalk hangs overhead, leading from the Class-D cells to the transition room. Said room contains three doors: two leading to the office and SCP-173's chamber and the third being inaccessible. It also contains a CCTV monitor which overlooks a security camera placed on the underside of the catwalk in the office.

This is the last room the player sees while being escorted to SCP-173's chamber. When traveling across the room's catwalk, a scientist can be seen working in a cubicle and Security Chief Franklin can be spotted walking under the catwalk towards the control room to SCP-173's chamber. Upon reaching the transition room, Agent Ulgrin will give the player SCP-173's document and tell them to follow the instructions on the intercom.

After the breach starts, the player can head back to this room and go down to the lower level. Upon entering the room, they will see SCP-106 near the desks for a brief moment before the lights flicker out - a desk and a small cabinet can be seen starting to slowly sink into the large corrosion spot left by SCP-106.

The player can also glimpse Security Chief Franklin and Agent Ulgrin encountering SCP-173 just below the catwalk. Franklin alerts Ulgrin that SCP-173 is behind him and together they both maintain eye contact with it while slowly backing out of the room. SCP-173 will disappear after both men have left. This event can either be viewed from inside the room itself or through the CCTV monitor in the transition room. Should the player attempt to go near Agent Ulgrin he will open fire on them.

There's a chance that a janitor may spawn inside one of the end rooms. While within the vicinity of the room, the player can hear him calling out for help inside. Once the player enters the room, the janitor starts walking toward them, curious about the player's identity. The janitor is then cut off by SCP-106 suddenly emerging and pulling him through the ground into the Pocket Dimension, leaving a corrosion spot. If the player is near the janitor when he is abducted, SCP-106 will spawn and begin to chase the player.

SCP-205's containment chamber is divided into three rooms; an L-shaped hallway, an observation room, and the containment chamber itself. The door between the hallway and the observation room requires a level 3 keycard.

Between the chamber and the observation room is a window, showing the SCP-205 pair facing a projector screen on the opposite wall. On the other side of the observation room is a readable monitor and a door leading to the housing chamber, which is locked.

Entering the chamber does not require a keycard since the blast door is already open. The main containment chamber's entrance door is open as well, but the chamber does not contain any supplies. When the room is first entered, a rustling noise can be faintly heard, indicating that SCP-372 has begun to stalk the player.

SCP-914's containment chamber can be accessed with a level 2 keycard. It contains the clockwork machine itself and a couple of shelves on the left-hand side of the chamber. The shelves contain a first aid kit and two documents: one concerning the use of SCP-914 and the other being one of Dr. L's notes. The room is largely empty of anything else.

The storeroom consists of a walkway with a door halfway through the room. The door leads to a lower level, where several benches and a large blast door can be found. On the opposite side of the hallway are two separate entrances, which lead to a large storage area containing a gas mask, SCP-1048's document, Incident Report SCP-1048-A, a level 1 keycard, a clipboard, and up to three 9V batteries. A security camera is found to the left of the center door, attached to the ceiling.

This room is a vital part of the game, as it is the only room aside from the second variation of the server farm and SCP-1123's containment chamber in which a gas mask can be found, which is needed to traverse the many gas-filled areas of the map.

The T-shaped lockroom is another red-lit room found within the complex. As the name suggests, this variation of the lockroom is designed in the shape of a T. Unlike the first variation, this lockroom does not deploy gas, making it easier to navigate.

Once the player enters this room, they must take a turn down the short, intersecting hall to press the button. Once the button is pressed, it will open one door and then close the other. The player must be wary, as SCP-173 will often spawn in the offshoot hallway, below the ventilation shaft.

The small testing room is located inside a hallway containing two pipes that line the door. The room is split into two compartments - the first room acts as a control room, with a door leading to a small metal chamber, monitored from the control room through two large windows. A level 2 keycard and an S-Nav 300 can be found in the control room.

The door in the hallway requires a level 1 keycard. Inside, the player will find an inoperable door in front of them and an access door to their immediate left, leading to the test room. The main chamber's door is inaccessible. SCP-173 is usually found underneath the chamber's ventilation shaft and will start to follow a guided path before breaking the observation window to access the control room. It is recommended that the player blinks before they enter the test room.

There exist five variations of the two-way hallway. The first variant contains a large fan near the center of the room, which will turn on and off at random intervals. In the second variant, the player will see a guard entering an elevator located at the center of the hallway. The sound of the elevator car crashing can be heard, and the door to the elevator will open revealing a large splatter of blood on the walls.

The third variation contains floor lights and slanted indents along either wall. The fourth variation is L-shaped, with the shorter end of the room containing an inaccessible door. The fifth and final variation contains only slanted slabs on the walls.

A hallway consisting of a Tesla coil found in the center of the room, which can shock and kill the player. On occasion the Tesla coil can be disabled, this can be determined by whether or not a buzzing sound is emitting from the gate. It appears in every zone of the facility.

If the player approaches the Tesla coil within a detectable boundary of the Tesla gate (usually about a quarter way through the room), it will enter an active state, as indicated by a quiet electric hum and a small red light located under the metallic overpass on the top of the gate, which will blink at a regulated interval. If the player gets close enough a sensor will trigger (indicated by a charging-up sound), causing the red light to flash at an increasing pace before an electric shock is fired from the coil. After firing the coil takes approximately half a second to cool down before being ready to fire again.

The second method is a bit riskier. It involves the player walking back to the front of the room, and sprinting through to the other side before the Tesla coil has a chance to finish charging. Depending on how far the player is from the coil before sprinting this method may not work. It is only advised to do this if the player is running from a hostile entity or has the super gas mask equipped.

The surveillance room, as its name suggests, acts as a hub for all the surveillance cameras in the facility. It is a crucial room as it is needed to lift the lockdown on the Light Containment Zone.

The computer hub contains two levers: one to lift the Heavy Containment Zone lockdown (the lever is ripped off and placed on the control console) and one to lift the Light Containment Zone lockdown. Pulling the lever will allow access to Heavy Containment through the checkpoint room.

Upon entering the surveillance booth, however, SCP-049 will appear from the hallway below and start pursuing the player. He can be evaded by going around the console hubs in the first room and then quickly sprinting back down the stairs. 041b061a72


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