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365 Days

I have officially been a mommy for 365 days and I can say I wasn‘t prepared. I wasn‘t prepared to be in love with someone so much outside of myself. She’s such a joy and the reason I can call myself mommy. As I reflect on (yesterday) this time last year, I get emotional since I never thought of myself to be mother. I didn’t think I’d ever want kids with the fear of passing down any of my issues. I wanted to fix myself and be as whole as possible. I want to break generational curses with my child(ren). I don’t want to continue to pass down hurt, pain and emotional trama. Instead I want to pass down positivity, traditions, love, support and wealth. I’m sure other (mothers) can relate to the fear of doing motherhood wrong. I often feel this way especially when I talk to older or more experienced mothers. When I start to feel like this I remind myself, like I have to in my personal journey, that it’s just that, personal. I can’t compare my skills, ways or choices to others and I have to make moves that’s best for me and mine. I plan to continue to learn as much as I can so when I have more (one more) I will be able to give them the world.

Moral of the story: when you go visit “those” friends and family members who give unsolicited advice on how you’re raising your babies, smile, not and walk away or ask where they kids at (if they have any) and if they don’t tell them to kiss it! You are doing A GREAT JOB!!!

Until Next Week,


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That's right, kiss her sweet lips 💋. And remember that you're doing a great job.❤️

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