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April Showers bring…May Flowers & Mud

Updated: May 3, 2022

🌻Welcome to the month of May! I hope this month brings you all the increase, progress, and peace your heart has room for. As for me, I am (dreadfully in a bittersweet kind of way) counting down the days where I have to get back to work so we are going through a lot of transitions going on.

News: Zoey got into the daycare of choice but my lordt if these (Army) employees don’t make life…interesting. Rude and stone cold to the sensitive subjects (you trusting your kids with them). BUT when I went back Monday, Karen wasn’t up front spreading her sunshine ☀️ and the experience was super smooth and much more pleasant. Side note: 🙄😒…Why y’all ain’t tell me daycare costs mortgage prices?!? Sheesh More news: Mommy aka Gigi is coming to town! So, I probably will take a break while she’s here to make sure I’m present and we are having the best time.

Thank you for all who have been with me and for stopping by. See you in 2 weeks!!!

Until next time,


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