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Brain Dump

Hey y’all. I don’t have a topic to cover today, just a bunch of random thoughts. We have our first play date today and it wants to be all cloudy and rainy (instantly wanting to reschedule). I’m moving slow and all I want to do is stay in bed. But I’m a mother of my word so we going 🥲.

This is the last week of Winter and it’s already so many people with their asses hanging out it’s ridiculous. I mean, 3 days of weather in the (low) 70s and people done stripped down to their draws. I was out and about yesterday, and (them NOT us) were all hanging out of those ripped jean shorts with toes hanging over those foam slides. In ALL SHAPES (🔵▪️🔻🔸⚪️🟨) and sizes honey. I saw bellybuttons, backs and knee caps with un manicured toes. Here I was all wrapped up in a jacket and sneakers, feeling all old lady and over dressed lol. As my grandma says “It‘s pneumonia weather” + Omicron Covid-19, honey! Y’all better wait at least until April to pull out body parts. That leaves a whole month to apply lotion and get those feet right.

Ok, last one! Idk if y’all saw my ig repost the other day about the 2000s and micro braids, but I felt attacked and old lol. Not only was my adolescent years in the late 1999-2000s but I’m (currently) wearing wavy micro braids and I love them lol. Y'all can have them expensive ass knotless braids down to your thighs and those heavy ass box braids in the bun, while I enjoy full mobility of my neck (thank you very much). All I ask is for prayers and positive vibes towards the retention of my edges lol.

Moral of the story: I’m done rambling 🙃

Until next week,


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I love you more mommy 🥰


It’s all good daughter 👏🏾👏🏾 Growth brings wisdom and maturity. Some folks ain’t there yet!!

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