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Cool Mom Era

Hey hey! Happy Pollen Season! I don't know bout y'all, but hunnay I'm skrugglin' with these allergies. Anywho...I wanted to grace your pages with something that hit me yesterday; yall, I'm a mom, a mother, a mommy, a parental. I know, she's been here for almost 2.5 years, but every now and again, I am in disbelief that I am somebody's mama. It all came to me when we took a family walk through the neighborhood (yes, we was the happy black family, dog and all lol). We walked to the park adjacent to the Starbucks. That added to my motivation but joke was on me since they closed 30 mins BEFORE we arrived. It hurt but I sucked it up. Anyway, as I followed my baby girl from place to place throughout the playground, I realized how important being in the moment was/is. No emails, no text messages, or social media. Nothing else mattered for those 30 or so minutes. Seeing her slide, swing, climb and laugh meant more than anything. Not distracted with outside things, I was there to answer every "Mommy, where are you?" It's an indescribable feeling. I also realized as much as I hustle throughout the week, being able to come home to cook for my family, give baths, pick out clothes and read bedtime stories is what gives me purpose; it's my NEW reason, my true calling. Nothing can fulfill the spot these tasks hold. I gladly traded in my pregame parties and late nights for giggles and nightly snuggles. I was watching a documentary on Judy Blume, and I became an even BIGGER fan. She said, and I loosely quote "You can have everything, just not at the same time". I got my career, now it's time for me to be present in my MOM era.

Moral of the story: Ba da ba ba baaaa...I'm loving it!

Until next time,


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