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Dem 2020 babies…listen!!

I’on care what y’all say, dem babies born in the year of the Hunger Games, aka 2020, werebuilt with lithium batteries in they asses because uh…my kid! Beybah! Zoey Cherrelle was born at the end of the year, November to be exact (the greatest month ever), so you would think she didn’t get all the ultra strength 2020 was giving out right? Shiiiddd. At 2 weeks, she was trying to hold her head up to watch tv y’all! TELEVISION!!! Lol I should have known then I had a bionic baby. Fast forward, she’s 10, almos 11 months, she has her favorite tv shows and has a grown person attitude! Where did she get this from (I dare you to blame me lol). Oh em gee!!! This kid, smart as hell, (which is not always the best thing) knows how to switch up the tempo between mommy and daddy (already causing arguments). I guess children really do learn manipulation early (lol I blame Daniel tiger and Bluey) However, as cheeky as she may be, she is the best thing I never knew I needed. She gives me purpose, motivation to keep going and unspeakable joy. I absolutely love ❤️ being her mother (a very tired and sleep deprived one might I add). Her debut, has allowed for lines of communication, that were once closed or damaged, to reopen and repair, harden hearts have softened and people (mostly family) who may wronged me or mistreated me in my childhood and as young adult, have since reached out to my daughter in various ways. Perhaps to extend a metaphorical olive branch (because you know most black folks don’t like to apologize or take accoutibility for shit). Nonetheless, my baby girl has given me new perspective on forgiveness and what it means to truly have unconditional love for someone (for that I thank her). So even though she’s a wild child, full of energy and inquiry, I wouldn’t want her any other way. Moral of the story: If you don’t have a 2020 baby, you cannot sit with me lol

Until next week,


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