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"F*@k It"

Hey y'all! It's been a minute, I know! I've been away balancing work and home life, being present and such, doing what my IG therapist says lol. I missed chatting with y'all though.

During my little hiatus, I've been able to watch my little gem grow and shine! Being a mom is so dope y'all! I love her with everything in me. She's so smart, funny, she's trying to potty 🚽 train and she curses well too. Her first one wasn't even a word, but a phrase (my baby gifted yall).

#truestory I told her if she didn't eat all of her mac n cheese she wasn't getting any gummies. My baby pushed back from the table and said "f&%k it" 😱. I was horrified and holding back laughter at the same time. Where and when did she learn this adult phrase? Lol sadly, I couldn't say with confidence that it wasn't from me since sometimes they flow so freely I don't even realize I done cussed (the Lord is working on me still). Of course her dad takes FULL advantage and immediately blames me and my ratchet taste in music. Completely ignoring the fact the previous day she went to work with him, surrounded by cursing soldiers. So who's to say where she really heard it from, right?

Moral of the story: Curse softly lol

Until next time,


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I still love my sweetheart girl ❤️💋

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