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Get ta Goin’

As Scorpio ♏️ season is vastly approaching (well its here now), I thought it would be appropriate to shine some

light on my fellow misunderstood people. Culturally, we don’t really dable in astrology nor do we fully understand it (1/2 of us don‘t believe it abs the other 1/2 just be all wrong). Well, as my astrological sign will dictate, I’m not your average bear. My curiosity began early middle school and grew from there. In my option, the more I dig into it, the more it explained some of the people around me. To this day, I believe in people‘s astrological sign being a map to their personality traits (good, bad and ugly). The truth I found in some of the connections in peoples sign and their behavior made me dig more into mine. Scorpio women, in particular, are quite unique as they are intriguing, but as with anything there’s exceptions to the “stereotypes“.

For example, we are NOT all freaks. Yes, as anyone else, we all have a “freaky” side but nothing like they make it out to be. We ain’t all doing no 50 Shades of Gray kind of shit (at least I ain’t.). When you got ass whoopings as a child, ain’t nothing sexy about a whip. And lemme say this, if we ARE, it ain’t with everyone because we don’t like a whole lot of people (that one is true). We definitely have a super small list of people we trust because we don’t trust people easilet. As far as I’m concerned er’body full of shit until they prove they ain’t. I’m quite sure most fortune 🔮 tellers were Scorpios. We can read pretty much anyone and I’m usually right. Unfortunately in my facial expressions aren’t that discrete. Over time, I have learned to curtail the RBF, but sometimes it slips 🤷🏽‍♀️. Another fun fact, there are 3 stages of Scorpio, all represented by different animals: the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix (google it if you don’t believe me). Each animal represents different phases, and they all have a different strength. Copy and paste the link below to read more.

Moral of the story: On the high end we would say, fellow Libras, step aside and pass the crown for it is our turn to shine. On the low end we would say…

Until next week,


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