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It’s Almost Fall Y’all

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I took that month off and chiiilllleee it’s been tough trying to fit it back into my schedule with a teething baby and preoccupied spouse. Let’s just say I’m back into mommy mode. One thing I have always insisted on is for me to have at least one consistent treat to myself. A little razzle dazzle to look forward to. I can keep up my own hair (and living in the middle of no mans land, that’s not really an option). At the beginning of the pandemic I did like everyone else and bought my own nail salon supplies, I lack the experience ofmy Vietnamese friends. So, nails it is.

In the absence of options in quality nail salons to choose from (2 of the 3 being trash) the one good one has a line hanging out of it like free drinks before 12. I literally had to get up early to get there almost and hour and a half before they opened to be #2 (someone beat me to my #1 spot, WTF). Soon after I park someone pulls up after me, all of us before 8:30. Mind you, the place opens at 9:30 and we sitting outside and the door looking stupid af lol. This preparation is necessary to get in and out before noon (and it’s no exaggeration, I still didn’t leave until 1)

The blessing in this experience is I sat and talked with 2 random ladies (they are older than me but they both were from different states (one from Ga), and stuck here like me) AND they have the same struggles I do with finding friends, activities and being stay at home moms. What are the odds right? It’s almost like God needed me to see I wasn’t alone. They go to Walmart just for fun like I do (so sad but true). Holding small talk, is not my favorite pastime (in fact it makes my ass itch) but this time it was refreshing. We made so many other connections from one commonality, wanting out nails done right lol (they found out I was a teacher and tried to sign their kids up for tutoring). We even shared future nail art/designs for next time lol. Moral of the story, it‘s time to pick out those dark nail colors, warm cozy sweaters/socks and reload that starbucks card for pumpkin spice season 🍁🍂🍃(I know fall officially starts on Sept 22/23 but thats my business)

Until next week,


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