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It’s fall y’all 🍂🍁🍃

It is with GREAT pleasure, that I can officially in peace, purchase a PSL while wearing a cardigan and be in season without my summertime haters talking shit. This is MY happy place I call Fall or Autumn if you will. I am not playing either. I am 100% committed and seriously obsessed with this season. It’s something about it that’s calming yet full of movement and change. You can just feel the difference in the breeze. It’s very poetic. Anywho…

In my last post I mentioned applying a strong word of the month and sharing my results. Welp, I think I’m going to replace month with week, and add strength to my word by adding wine (it helps me discover my new word). (Elmo is the homey btw). Whew, hunnay!!! I’m not complaining, but ya girl is u up being tested by Zeus himself. So without further ado, the word of the week is…(just know I’m sayI miss you this in my Elmo voice since I’ve only watched the same 8, no 9 episodes of Sesame Street lol) …patience sponsored Riesling (one of my fav white wines).

This word covers my world in a lot of areas. For example, I haven’t lost those stubborn 15lbs left from pregnancy, but instead of body shaming myself, I am kind myself and apply patients. I mean, it will come off (eventually), right? Anyone else’s baby whoop their ass in their sleep between 2-4 am with flying arms, legs and random head-buts? No? Just me, lol? Oh just checking. Patience!!! (I often have to remember she’s just a baby and she belongs to me). Oh! Having to share things NOW you’ve never had to share before in life? (I didn’t have to share much growing up so yes, I’m still learning this skill; judge yo mama). It requires patience y’all! Another thing I am learning is, I can’t expect me from other people and that alone requires great amounts if patience. Unfortunately, people just aren’t going to have the same level of love and care about what you love and cherish like you do. I pray for patience daily and I hope to see it manifest before I become a functioning alcoholic lol.

Moral if the story: Get yourself a cute wine glass and take it one day at a time.

Until next week,


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