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“Just keep on livin”

Todays M.O.M chronicle post is brought to you today by the wisdom of my granny and by the facts of life.

I find myself as of late repeating a lot of the ways of the women I was raised by. I morph into my mother slowly everyday, but she tells me I’m more like my grandma than I think. Either way, I’m getting old y’all and I’m starting to see what “old folks” been talking about. For instance, seeing them steady themselves before sitting down or getting up, reduces the risk from falling or pulled muscle related injuries that you suffer from as you get old lol! Nah, but seriously, I see the behaviors and wayward lifestyles in the “youth” of this generation and it’s disgusting. I find myself saying the same unfriendly phrase I used to hear as the neighborhood Jezabel walks by lol. Or to be immediately irritated when I see (or hear) a group of teenagers approaching (they irk my nerves with the “look at me” syndrome most of then have). In my profession and especially my current position, I see then train wreck before it starts. I know I’m supposed to be positive and find the silver lining but sometimes it’s the butt naked truth, some of the offsprings are doomed (by the way, being overly positive is a toxic trait too). As early as middle school, they are already an additional square to their family quilt of shame. I’m not really even talking about appearance (we know that can be a misinterpretation depending on the cultural standpoint), but the behaviors, the LEARNED, INHERITED and ACCEPTED behaviors are atrocious. Answering adults “what” when they call you or going back and forth was a fast way to the grave in my day. Now, especially after we survived 2020, I guess these kids ain’t afraid no more because they risk it all playing with me like that. As I wrap up my first week of the last year on the front line (fingers crossed 🤞🏽), I hear my granny’s voice and I tell them, you think you will be young forever, but baby, just keep on livin.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Beat them kids asses (lol). Just kidding, but seriously though…pray for me and the rest of us trying to tame the flocks of wild sheep.

Until next time,


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