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Materials or Memories

I remember when I was growing up my parents (mother) made sure every summer, I had something to do whether it was Six Flags or summer camp (N.Y.S.P summer camp is a story for another time) but it was something. Having young parents, looking back, I realized they did their best with trying to give me a balanced, “normal” childhood, and I can say I had just that. Now that I’m a mom, I often find myself wrestling with the “type“ of mom I want to be. I had friends growing up who’s mom didn’t really spend time with them, rather they bought them stuff: they always had designer clothes and shoes but they never left the city limits. Then I had friends who’s mom didn’t spend much money on their appearance but they always went on a trip somewhere fun, making memories (the flip side to this story is they got picked at for looking less than the standard back then, which isn’t much now that I think about it). Anyway, how can I create a balance of both showing my girl love through material things and create memories with her? Is one more hurtful than helpful or is one better than the other?

The friends I mentioned earlier both turned out differently with a different set

of core values (of course). So which parent messed up their kid the most? This is the kind of randomnesses that keeps me up at night lol. My answer, is take it one day at a time. Parenting doesn’t come with instructions and it’s hard to do (Especially if you’re the kind that like to know what to do next). It’s second nature to a degree, but most of it is winging it. If you’re doing the best you can by your kid, they are happy, healthy and growing, that’s all that matters.

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