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Relatives or Family

I have always liked to learn new things, whether it's a random fact or something that I can used later in life; I enjoy learning. I am particularly interested as of late in self-help/improvement, you know trying to be the best version of myself. The beauty of self discovery is, people can't really play with you or screw you over because you can feel yourself going back to familiar (toxic) behavior. You can also get comfortable to the extent of your vision of someone (or situations) become blurry. Dangerous position. However, every now and again, you have to have those "friendly" reminders of what it is and how it is. What do I mean?

We all have "relatives" right? People we are biologically tied to from the parents we are given. These people aren‘t the ones you call when you have good news, when you need something or advice. They are simply leaves on the “family” tree. Family, in my opinion, can be chosen. They can be related to you or someone who’s treated you with nothing but respect and given you their best. Rarely do you have family amongst your relatives but if you do (count your blessings). In my experience, the family you choose treat you better than your relatives and the relationship is typically balanced (present boundaries and compromise without efforts). When it becomes one sided or the relationship shifts, is time to reevaluate. Take heed when that relative you thought was family gives you that (not so subtle) reminder of your place and position (you know who I’m referring to in your life and the inconsistency and shady behavior I’m talking about). Be observant and treat then accordingly. All skin folk ain’t yo kin folk and blood done mean sh*%# thesedays.

Moral of the story: Drink (wata) and mind your business!!! (Even though I prefer coffee lol, you catch my drift).

Until next week,


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