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See You Next Year !!!

When I started this blog I didn’t know what I wanted to gain from this. At first it was to serve as a form of therapay (for now) until I get back to civilization where I can get back to going regularly. It has kept me afloat, and it has become something near and dear to my heart, especially when I need to get something off my chest. Thank you to all the readers, followers, subscribers and lovers of my work. This is a very new thing for me ( being vulnerable and open) and you all have been nothing but supportive. As we end this year and welcome the next, I am also preparing to move (again) so I won’t be posting until after that time (mid January). I promise to have much to share when I return. In the meantime, feel free to go back to visit some of my previously posted stories and if you haven’t already, subscribe for regular updates. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


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