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That transfer ain’t going through!

Have you ever been in a good mood; eveything is right with the world, the stars are all aligned for you, and somebody come around and trash the vibe? I mean just stank up the place with negativity and cause you to lose the happy wave you were riding on? That’s called the transfer of energy. I didn’t really believe it until I became aware of how senaitive I am to other peoples energy (It’s really a thing). I can pick up on jacked up spirits and vibes quickly (and I typically get the hell from round them too!)

Once I identified my 6th sense ( I guess you could call it), it is something I have to protect to keep my own internal balance. For instance, I loathe when someone comes home with an attitude/annoyance/irritation and when presented with the question of “what’s wrong with you” I get more attitude. Clearly something has your panties in a bunch and instead of being (I will use the word) matute about it, “nothing” is the response I get. This really annoys me and it burns my grits. Now I go into defense mode, canceling out whatever I was feeling before and it bothers me that ”your” shit bothers me. Or that person who always calling with drama. So much so you almost answer the phone not with a pleas “Hello” but “what happened this time?” By the time you hang up with them you’re all riled up, upset or drained. Aht Aht! To protect my delicate balance, the word for today is IGNORE. That’s right, I will ignore dat ass like yo daddy was Casper friendly ghosts and you were born clear. I’ve gotten good at it too. I stop asking questions, I don’t keep prying, or answer the phone if I don’t want to (or care enough). Whether it’s really “nothing“ or something, I ask once then I don’t GAF! If the phone is ringing and it’s “that“ person, I dance to their ringtone (because I have to know who’s calling even if I can’t see my phone) and keep on what I was doing. If I’m really in a petty mood, I’ll start singing to music that only I hear lol (it works for me).

Moral of the story: When you encounter negative people and bring bad vibes with them,

block the transfer and ignore dat ass!

Until next week,


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1 Comment

I get it. However that’s a long overdue learning behavior I’m trying.🙏🏾😘😘❤️mommy

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