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The last Sunday of Summer!!!

We have 👏🏽one 👏🏽more Sunday until it’s officially Autumn 🍂🍁🥮, so your (Fall) season haters gon ‘head and order your LAST frozen margarita and shut it up (lbvs 🤪).

Now that that‘s out of the way, I feel the need to make a connection to the change of the seasons (and my favorite time of the year, the —bers; September-December) to the new idea I am trying out.

On my constant quest for self improvement, I decided to identify something that I can do to reduce my stress. This month, yes I know I’m off to a late start, but I chose a theme, or a strong word to apply to the whole month; Acceptance. I have learned it’s easier to conquer life when you can accept the things you cannot change. (I think thats in the Bible 🤷🏽‍♀️, don’t quote me). That seems to be the answer to most if not all of my daily anxious moments and sleepless nights. I plan to apply this for the entire month. For example, when I went home back in July, I got a little (very) frustrated because my trip didn’t go as planned. Partly (mostly) because beautiful gift from God himself, Zoey (my daughter) will NOT allow anyone else to handle her any time of the day (especially nighttime). I thought it was a phase, perhaps because she was out of her element and she’s a quarantine baby who’s never seen outside or other people. She’ll adjust right? Shhhhiiiiiiiddddd! Currently my mom is visiting us here in misery (ahem) Missouri and she’s still not cooperating. So to keep me from crying due to high emotions of frustration, exhaustion and sleep deprivation, I’ve accepted the fact that I am my baby’s favorite person and I don’t get to get a break. I guess this is the tireless rewards of motherhood people rave about. I don’t get as annoyed while I watch my other family members chill and relax while I chase down a teething, crawling and antsy baby.

I know this may not work for everyone but I’m willing to share with you my ideas and what I’m doing. Anything to lower blood pressure and increase endorphins (And let’s face it, most mothers are willing to try anything that would help take a layer of stress off the plate). I’ll keep y’all posted on how well this works or if I needed to switch up the tempo. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section😉.

Until next week,


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