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They say you don’t miss sugar until...well you know the rest.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Alright, so before I get started in the great state of misery, I want to back track a bit. In my last post, I gave Texas I good bit it grief (and I have more) but it wasn‘t all bad. If you take out the racism, rats in my basement (thanks to trash ass on post housing) and COVID-19, I‘d go back. Years 1-3, were heavy on the emotions. I'd never lived away from home, and I wasn’t super trilled about moving to the first state to turn red during elections. However, it's where we were going. By year 4, I had adjusted and actually began to like it there, I made friends, and I found a GREAT nail tech (ladies, you know how important that is). So when hubby said we had opportunity to move to Misery, I knew it wasn't going to be great but at the time, I was pregnant and I knew I'd need help. So instead of moving right away to Kentucky, we were sent here first. I will say, I love being able to stay home everyday with my princess. No, I dont miss work, the emails or meetings but I do miss Texas (well parts).

***(The following will sound petty and unimportant to some, but these are creature comforts I need to feel at peace)***

The first week we got here, it was cold and dreary. I wasn't impressed. Come to think I wasn't impressed with Texas either (it was super ghetto). 🙃I digressed. Anywho, the apartment was super small compared to were we were but it was newer (no rats) and cleaner, so we are winning so far. And even though I have nobody to do this with other than my 5 month old best friend, our neighborhood actually has sidewalks for us to enjoy a Sunday stroll if we wanted to and the weather here isn’t terrible. Except for the week long snow storm we got same time as Texas and the APRIL 20th random snow shower 😒. They have ONE Starbucks that operates on a weird schedule and their employees suffer from a syndrome I call “molasses of the ass.” Funny story, every time I get into their long line, my baby wakes up and cries the entire time (it’s really not funny). It’s only when I play trap music she stops. Walmart is the only grocery store unless you drive 30 mins away to the next city (uh not) and there are NO healthy eating fast food places (if that’s even a thing). I did, however, find a nail tech and shop I like. Small victory. It looks like it’s inoperable (as the rest of this city does) and I would have never picked it off of its curb appeal. But, the Vietnamese man that does my nails is 💯 percent American and he curses (I don’t trust people who don’t curse) and they play black folk music. Needless to say, I was sold lol (I have an appointment Saturday 😌). Since I have a little more than 6 months left here, I shall continue to look (really, really hard) to find silver linings but I’m ready for the next layer of 💩. Hopefully this pile at least has some rainbow sprinkles on top to sweeten the deal. Until next week, ✌🏽.

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