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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Hey you, yes you reading this, raise your hand if you can identify the family member (or two) who everyone calls on for advice, the one who “seems” to have it together and their lives appear to be on the right track? They are the stong one(s) who always end up taking charge and organizing events, and is the “responsible” one trips and outings? If your hand is raised, my type A friend, this shit ain’t as easy as it looks, right? I mean, you’re probably the oldest of your siblings and leadership just comes natural. The people who didn’t raise their hands, type B, typically are the ones who take full advantage of those leadership skills and are usually carefree to the point of being somewhat careless or even irresponsible when they are in your company. What you mean, Shana?

So, being 1000% type A, I live by a schedule. Planning is my jam. Therefore, when I find and/or create a routine that works for me, I am completely thrown off when I can’t follow it. Being around, living with or being married to type B people drive me crazy because they are oblivious to how the day runs so smoothly. Mentally, they go off skipping into the sunset, saying “oh she got it because she always has it”. Lemme tell you sum, that’s that 👏🏽bull 👏🏽shit. We get tired too. No one ever thinks to check on us. Just call and unload problems in search of solutions. In the meantime, we have our own shit we juggle all day everyday. I haven’t stopped juggling 🤹🏽‍♀️ life since I left for college. I just seem keep adding on tasks. Sometimes, I sit back and think to myself, it would be nice to be able to kick my feet up while the household runs on autopilot without me giving directions or being the “mean mom” for trying to stick to the routine (especially with a little one). I seem to acquire this role everywhere I go and y’all, mama is tired. I need help on how to be more like type B, you know. Like laying in bed all day when there’re dishes to be done and laundry to fold. Or stroll social media all day instead of sweeping, dusting or cleaning something that needs it.

I will admit, it’s kinda annoying to watch others “enjoy” like while I simply endure, survive and get through the day. (In my Elmo voice) Word of the week is…NO! I have never been afraid to say no, but this will not only be a word but an action. No can be said or ignored in a phone call/text. I plan to TAKE time for myself and take a “NO” day once a week. If they don’t understand or If shit doesn’t get done, oh well.

Moral of the story: type B folks, chime in and pull your weight. Hell, offer your help and let it be genuine. Check on your responsible friends, family members or spouses because they aren’t always okay; its hard “keeping it together”

My rant is over. Until next week,



Its Fall Y’all

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From type B....❤️ I hear you loud and clear.

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