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We all Immigrants

Good day and happy 4th day of July. I know y’all done heard the most basic of women‘s rights of being able to make choices about our own body has been taken away. And to be honest, today, I can’t say I’m “proud“ to be an American. I’m embarrassed really. There’s more pressing items such gun laws that are looser than a stripper’s booty, cops STILL killing innocent black people and these mass school shootings (just to name a few) than to take away a woman’s choice about her body. It’s really sad. I read on IG earlier where somebody said “I don’t think America deserves a party this year” and I agree. There’s too much pain and suffering to celebrate. As far as I’m concerned, “they” don’t have the right to control the population. It‘s not their place to regulate the womb of women because their women won‘t keep their babies. It’s the natural progression of life; races die out and wypiop, if it’s your your time, it’s your time. They had no issues trying to

eradicate black folks or the Native Americans, yet the moment they see numbers declining they change and blow up er’body lives 🙄. Just like old whitie to ruin everything. Moral of the story: America needs to be put on punishment right now (no parties, no phone and no tv lol).

Anyway, y’all be safe out there and again, happy 4th day of July.


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