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Who am I?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I want to apologize ahead of time. This will NOT be that kind of blog. I am a working from home mom who is as honest as cheap liquor. What's my name? I have quite a few: daughter, sister, friend, wife, teacher and my newest MOM! I will answer to any of those interchangeably depending on my location. For now, you can call me Shana, spelled S-h-a-n-a, pronounced, Shay-na; nice to meet you.

Typically I would have some formal introduction explaining my "why" but to be honest, it's to keep me from losing my fucking mind. Covid cut my classroom career short and made it weird. SO, I did a thing and decided to close that book and see what else was on the menu. Since then, one of my names as of 60 days ago is now MOM. I can't complain. This caused me to take a longer break than anticipated. To be honest, it was time and I don't envy my former teammates. My days consist of tea (coffee after 30 hurts), diapers, milk spotted t-shirts, PJ's and midday naps. I have never done this before but I think I like it. There's no dull moments here. Painful, yes. Sleepless, definitely. Dull? Nope! I love every minute of it. Do you think I am crazy yet? I told you, this isn't your grandmother's book club, I promise nothing 😁.

Being a military spouse, you tend to move before you can make friends or the environment is so dangerous you tend to stay in the house. I haven't lived in civilization in almost 6 years and counting. Oh how I miss highway traffic (not) and deep fried everything , and a cup of overly sweet tea to wash it down. But, oh well. Any who, whomever gets the pleasure of reading the inner workings of my brain, welcome and enjoy the ride.

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