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Why Can’t I Just Retire?

Hey y’all! How are you? Good? Good! I’ve been ghost a little because I have been trying to get back into this work thing. One thing I learned during Covid-19 is going to work everyday is ghetto af!!! I don’t want to go back. I have grown very fond of having various pajama sets that I take a shower and put back on throughout the day lol. I have a tv show line up and me and my baby’s nap schedule is on point! However, the marathon must continue. The main (only) reason I’m dreading going back to work is I’m going to miss my baby! UGH!!! Why can’t I just hit the lottery and retire?! (I’ve been playing too). Anyways, on top of me having an internal adult temper tantrum, I also have some first time mom emotions going on too! Picture it, I took my baby to a birthday party (yesterday) with other toddlers and totally cried at the party (not really but I got a lump in my throat). I feel like the biggest punk. She was just moving and playing with the different kids/toys. Once I realized my baby was going to survive being without me, at daycare, I couldn’t take it. It was too much.

Y’all I will not be okay! It’s going to be a hurricane when I have to drop her off at least for the first week (Encanto reference). I have a few weeks to prepare, so pray for me y’all. Until next week,


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