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You Are Appreciated

This one is dedicated to my favorite lady ever, my mommy.

In leu of Mother’s Day, I wanted to tell the world how great of a mother I have. It all

goes back to November 2, 1988, when she had me with no pain meds (as she often reminds me). At 20 years old, she didn’t gave a clue what to do with me, but she knew she loved me and she was determined to beat the odds against stacked against her. We didn’t have the best start (having to leave my grandmother’s house when I was 6 months) with nowhere to go ( which I’m sure was quite scary for a new mother) but this struggle gave birth to the superhero I know today. Despite the negative opinions from hateful family and betrayal of jealous friends she survived it all while looking FABFABULOUS. We have always had each other’s back during the hard times even when I was too young to understand. She tells me all the time, (young Shana) told her “it’s gonna be alright” during a grim moment. Between her love, strong will and the Lords help, it has been. She’s the strongest woman I know. From her strength, grew my determination and drive to set myself up to one say return the favor. We have always had the best of everything no matter how much it costs (the unseen sacrifice) even if that meant mommy went without. That’s when I told mysef I have to make sure I’m able to take care of her like she’s done for me (even as an adult, she’s always there). I want to be able to try and repay the sacrifices made to raise me the right way. As I celebrate my first Mother’s Day I understand, that isn’t possible. As a mother, I know that it’s impossible to repay her because it’s not a debt, it’s a natural desire to care for your baby, no matter how exhausted you may be. That kind of strength can only be supplied by sheer will and the LORDT!!! She’s the bestest friend and Gigi (this is the name we settled on because the rest were ridiculous, thanks to these new Atlanta grandma’s 😂) I can ask for and love our relationship. All the things my mother has taught me (good, the not so good and some we learned together) I hope to pass it to my daughter.

We (me and Zoey) love ❤️ you and happy. 💐Mother’s Day (🥳 and birthday)

Until next week, ✌🏽

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