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Seasons change

Hey ya'll, it's been a while since you heard from me, I know, BUT guess what? It's my favorite time of the year, fall (or Autumn for my high end folks). It's such a beautiful time because it's a necessary change taking place. During this time, trees shed their leaves due to the abundance of their resources becoming limited. In order for the tree to survive, it must shed its "dead leaves" in order to secure its own existence.

I have always wondered why this time of year always brings me to life. Literally the season of death and decay, brings me complete joy. I have also come to realize I just might have a special connection with Mother Nature in this way because not only do I find it to be comforting but peaceful. I was born during this season, and so was my daughter (she been a fan of playing in the leaves since she could walk). At almost 35 ( in a few weeks) I am more aware of the inevitable changes life has to bring. I get it now. What's beautiful about it is I'm also aware of what I need to do to survive these changes. Just like the tree, we have seasons where things take more time and energy than we really have to give. We drain our selves trying to keep up. I have reached the place of "get somebody else to do it." Your "Autumn" transformation might look different from others. Mine comes in the form of the word, "No". If it doesn't flow with my lifestyle, make me happy or more money, I can't be bothered.

FYI: No, is not mean or selfish. It's self preservation at its finest.

Moral of the story: Fill your cup before you pour into others.

Until next time,

Happy Fall Y'all 🍂🍁🍃

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