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Being a Grown Up is Ghetto

It’s my last weekend of being 32 years old and all I can say is being grown is low key ghetto. Don’t get me wrong, it has its perks but only the Lord knows how hard it is actually is. What the hell was I thinking, rushing to cook, clean and wash my own shit constantly is not the move. Entering 33, I have differently plans this year (wanna make God laugh, tell HIM your plans,right?). I plan to save up for a live in housekeeper and starting a travel savings. I also plan to start back doing some pre-covid activities (that sounds crazy to say out loud) like swimming, or just going to the gym period. I definitely have plan to do more outside stuff (like brunch and spa days). As I prepare for another big girl birthday, I am reflective of how being an adult has some fun times (like celebrating my baby’s first Halloween and drinking wine while watching Hallmark Christmas movies) but overall it’s still ghetto (buying your own cake and birthday gift) Bright side to this year is, I’m not alone.

Happy Birthday to me!!! Until next week,


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