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It’s our month yall!

Let me start off by saying…




For my faithful followers, y’all know I moved (back to civilization yall). A bih don’t know how to act with all these people places to visit again and real food options. Despite staying in a hotel (that im pretty sure doubled as a trap house) for 7 whole days in one room with 3 additional asses (one being the dog) while our housing was being prepared, we are finally settled. It’s definitely an upgrade. The area I live in now is dead on the state border and split between Kentucky and Tennessee. Seriously, I can put one foot in one state and the other foot in the other (it’s kind of cool, being in 2 places at once). I live in a cul de sac (which is neighborhood slag for “I see all of your ins and outs). Never, in the 6 years I’ve been doing this, have I ever experienced the following. Picture it, nice black family, complete with dog and baby move in, neighbors “saw” us move in and rang the doorbell to introduce themselves. Whet? I’ve only seen mess like that on TV and I am skeptical of all suspect activity. Plus, I’ve seen US and Them! We ain’t going out like that. Ended up getting invited to a baby’s birthday party, Zoey’s first one (the only reason we went), because again, I’on know these people. Anywho, it turned out okay. Met my direct neighbors in the process (😶 that’s all I have to say about that). Overall, not a bad transition. As I continue to learn my new cul de sac crew and adjust the wypipo here, stay tuned for more coverage.

Moral of the story: She’s black 365 days, but REAL black for the next 28!!!! (well 12 now)

Until next week,


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