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Let’s talk about May

Happy June my beauties! I, for one, am glad to see it. Seemed like May had 46 days (my lordt 😪). I know I told y’all 2 weeks, but my life hit a 2>>in speed once my mom left. I will start this story post by saying, Mother’s Day should be Mothers month. Damn a day, we need a 👏🏽whole👏🏽ass👏🏽month! I think I will make that happen next year, May is Mother’s Month.

For those who don’t know, it’s been an emotional (46) days for me. My mom came to visit the first half of the month and helped me process Zoey’s first real toddler temper tantrum. Nobody told me it would be painful for me to watch and have to deal with. I get the “this hurts me more than it hurts you” saying. I loathed having to discipline her for her little falling out but she got out of control and afterwards I felt completely guilty (mom guilt is real). Thank goodness for my mother. While she was here, we had to do orientation for Zoey‘s daycare (another emotional roller coaster ride). I couldn’t even tour the building where she would be without tearing up. She was just fine with it too. All I could do is think about how fast she’s growing. Overall, We had a great visit. Fast forward to the remainder of the hot mess of May. My baby started “school” on the 23rd and I cried all that day. She didn’t see me leave but I had to make a great escape because it wasn’t going well for me. I mean I ugly cried all the way back to the car. The rest of the week wasn’t easy either. This time she progressively became more aware of the process of daycare drop off. Tuesday, she cried as we walked into the classroom and wouldn’t let me leave. Wednesday, she saw the front door and began to cry (again making it difficult to leave), by Friday, she recognized the parking lot. As a (pandemic) 2020 baby, she catches on quick. I had to leave my baby for a week straight, crying, in that strange place. This not for the weak. Over the Memorial Day weekend, she developed an ear infection. Man, she became super fussy and cranky. Mama got limited sleep 😔. After the doctor, I kept her home for a bit to monitor her, which caused her to miss more than 1/2 of the following week. This is where we start over again 🥺. ***BREAKING NEWS***

She NOW has a cold with a nasty cough. 🥱y’all! A sick baby =no sleep for mom (and I’ve caught the daycare bugger now too) Week 2: She didn’t cry as long, when I took her Thursday and Friday, but she didn’t take kindly to me leaving still. (I didn’t cry this week though 😏). Instead, I took myself to the gym and attempt to get my body back right. As I felt guilty for dropping her off, (even though she’s thriving, learning and growing so much) it does feel good to have some time alone to get stuff done (and watch my adult shows).

My girl says, “No”, “Hi & Bye”, “Okay” and her own version of “Mama”. As much as I miss her throughout the day, I can rest easy knowing she’s getting what she needs. Okay, I‘m done! I’ll keep y’all posted.

Until next week, A.K.A Week 3,


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