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More Than One Way

Growing up as a millennial, my way of life was pretty much beat into my brain. The (only) approved path conversion went as follows: You need to go to school (get good grades), graduate high school ( you better not get pregnant), go to college (please don’t get pregnant) get a “good paying job” (still not ready for a baby), find a “good” man from a “good family”, get married (NOW, you can have a baby (no pressure).

😅Whew!!! Looking back at my life choices and (my student loan payments) I wonder if going to college and following conventional/traditional starting path of life. Realistically, those years between 18-24 set you for up for the rest of your life. But how different would my life be if other choices were presented or supported other than college. I wonder would I have trained stability for more financial success? Would I have more creative and schedule flexibility? Would I be happier and more worldly if I chose other options (any of the creative/entrepreneurial trades or skills)? Was a 4 year college really necessary for success or was it just the next step in the “right”

way to do things?

As a mom, I think about what might my baby girl turn out to be in her life. Would she be the next Supreme Court justice or would she be the best damn electrician on this side of the Mississippi? Recentl, she had a well baby check up and they gave her a milestone questionnaire and some of the questions I couldn’t answer simply because she’s never been exposed to the activity. Due to that, she scored “cautionary“ in a few categories that caused concern enough to mention sending her to an early interventionist. Y’all know that did NOT sit well with me. I wasn’t aware of the test (otherwise we would have been prepared). Overall, she‘s fine (of course I scheduled a rescreen), she’s just not talking (mind you she’s not 2 yet either). After this experience, I find myself I staring at her sleep (it’s probably creepy but oh well lol) and I get excited (and nervous) thinking about her future; all of the endless possibilities and the exploring she will do. I want her to know she has our full support as her parents to do whatever she wants or (doesn’t). I won’t push college if she’s not interested (if we are being honest the wealthiest of the 1% don’t have much higher that a HS diploma). She won’t have to leave the nest until she’s ready to fly. None of that “You’re 18, so you’re grown; Bye” mess. That shit is ghetto and is a recipe for failure and desperate decisions. She can’t stay forever (yes she can) but I will always encourage her independence. (Okay, I‘m done with my rant lol).

Moral of the story; Let’s stop generational curses and break those chains by not doing what was done to us! Dare to be different!

Until next week,


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Make no excuses however, parents of every generation and different situations made choices and decisions based on a variety of circumstances, i.e. money, education, social exposure, values and beliefs. Be it good, bad or indifferent, time is always the keeper of life now and life to come. I still believe that drive and self-determination along with a few ounces of FAITH is the compass for everyone’s destiny. Not one variable or one factor alone can make or break the successful future of anyone. Exposure and one’s own Attitude will have the final say in a future of failure or success. Like technology, seasons change. The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s all had different springboards. By the time a…


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