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Some Ships Are Just For Sailing ⛵️

I read somewhere on IG that said (I’m paraphrasing) the best revenge is silent because you can’t hear growth. That stuck with me and I got to thinking about all the -ships in my life (relationships, friendships, work-ships,etc). It was during that reflective moment when that post made so much sense. I would get caught up in wondering “why” when something didn’t go the way I planned or it was not in my favor. In my past relationships, I used to wonder what if I tried harder or stayed around longer? Would that have changed the outcome? With friendships, I asked myself what did I do to make them stop being my friend? Did I not communicate enough or was I not available enough? When I would get in “trouble” at work, I would play the situation over and over in my head trying to figure out what I did wrong. After I read that post, especially now that I’m a mother, I realized how much I have grown and that it’s wasn’t them, it’s me. I can’t blame the pot for not growing with the plant, I have to simply place it in a bigger pot if I want it to keep growing. I am bigger than that job I had which is why I kept finding myself in unfavorable situations. I’ve outgrown those people and activities that once meant more to me. Those ships weren’t growing with me hence the friction. Do I stick and stay around, stunt my growth and die trying or leave and live? I don’t like what I used to, I don’t move the same and I for damn sho don’t think the same (If I lost you, metaphorically I am the plant and those unfavorable situations and dissolved friendships is the pot 😉). The biggest hurdle for me, was accepting these facts and learning there’s nothing wrong with outgrowing people and life positions. I always looked at it as something negative or self inflicted, but growth is actually a necessity. What doesn’t grow, eventually dies. Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to let go of ships that aren’t feeding your needs. Let them—ships sail away, it’s for your own good.

🎶 Sail on down the road (my seasoned readers will get the reference)🎶

Until next week,


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