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This ain’t that!

These kids today ain't what we used to be. Hell they ain't even what our little siblings use to be; they are hell on hot wheels. I took roughly a year and a half off and my stamina is weak. I leave work TIED! More mental than physical, but tied is tied (and yes I said tied).

I find myself looking under rocks trying to find more patience and energy to make it through lol. I have to make short term goals; make it to specials, lunch, recess then dismissal. Then I fishtail out the parking lot blasting Dolph (RIP). The best part of my day is picking up my OWN baby and filling my cup back up. Being a teacher/mom is like being a bucket with two spickets. I have to turn one off to save what I have left for my baby. Not all of my students are difficult, and I won't say they are difficult, but to maintain the level of discipline necessary, is exhausting. By lunchtime, I need 10 minutes in the calm down corner my damn self.

The moral of the story, self care ain't even an option in this profession, is essential. Take those sick days sis, be inaccessible and unplug. It's worth it.

Until next time,


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