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Tradition Is The New Black

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good theme. All white parties, matching pajama pictures etc. I dont know what it does for me but it makes me super happy. Another thing I love is transitions. I think as the older generations are transitioning, true traditions are lost. They are dying with the elders. Thinking of this makes me sad, especially since I cherish them so. I remember as a kid, growing up with my cousins before my parents split, my grandmother used to read us Christmas stories from these thick books (one green and one red). The red one was my favorite because the pictures were so vivid and pretty. She would cook our favorite foods and I would always help decorate the tree (or crawl underneath to put the ornaments on the back and bottom of the tree). Either way, it made me look forward it; Christmas at grandma’s house. July 4th was another fun time I looked forward to. Grilling out back, uncles and family friends playing spades talking shit, me and my cousins sneaking wine coolers from the cooler outside and shooting illegal (at the time) fireworks. Memories like these are priceless and I hold them near and dear to my heart. As the family grows up and we move our own ways, these events don’t happen like they used to anymore. The closest thing for black families is typically a result a tragedy or funeral and I don’t want that to be the next time we celebrate like the good old days. So, my goal as a mother is to remember as many childhood traditions as possible, implement them and for the ones I can’t really recall, create my own with my family (starting now). I‘m going to let you in on a secret, as much as I love Halloween, I love Christmas 🎄 more.

The food, the music, the decorations, the wether, the smells, the movies, the warmth and love, ugh!!!! It’s just a total vibe for me. I plan to start and pass down (holiday) traditions to my baby and hopefully they can grow into a thing and be passed down to her family, so on and so forth. Now that is November (Christmas time), I am looking forward to spending time on Pinterest looking up all the cute ways I can create as many memories as I can with my little one (2021 will end with a bang). 😊 Stay tuned

Until next week,


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