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Back in 2018, I was in my most vulnerable and fragile state when it came to my appearance. At the time, I was almost 300 lbs and I was headed down the genetic path of diet related health issues (the suga and salt disease). On top of that, I had fat ankles and my feet always hurt. I would avoid various activities that required squeezing into small spaces or sitting in "average" size seats like stadium seats (my hips would be killing me after a few minutes). It was a mental and physical battle to not only be kind to myself but to find clothes to hide the parts I didn’t like (all of them). I learned to find things to accentuate such as big hair or a beat face. Inside thought, I wasn’t happy and often felt sad when I’d pass a mirror. Finally, someone loved me enough to say “I’m concerned about your health; I know you’ve tried everything else but I want you to look into weight loss surgery” I was hesitant at first because this meant for me I failed in maintaining my own fitness, it was out of my control. Tearfully, I made the appointment and talked to my doctor who agreed I would be a good candidate for bariatric surgery. After a few prerequisite appointments and referrals I had a date and the preparation began. Fast forward, I lost 92lbs and made to the 100s (my hadn’t been in the 100s in a long time). I was super excited, I felt confident and free from the burden of being self conscious. Now almost 4 years and a 15 month old baby girl later, I am back struggling with my weight. For those who think I took the “easy” way out, that’s not true. Ain’t shit easy about this process. It’s always on my mind and it’s still the center of my self-confidence. Prior to COVID, I used to attend weight loss group meetings After reaching out to I said all that to say, if you are like me, feeling self-conscious because of a few things you'd like to change about your body, I am speaking to you too. Be kind (and realistic) with yourself. Stay off IG (they will have you suicidal and hungry trying to look like them "models"). It's okay to have a "real woman's" body that consist of whatever you have on yours. Moral of the story: Love yourself more than you do now and stick with it. If not, fake it til you make it 😋.

Until Next week,


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I love all of you, and the change you made after your Surgery was to give us a beautiful grandbaby, so you made an unselfish decision after you have reached your physical goal; that says a lot about the person that you are, and we are so grateful for that charitable change that you made, and we love you just as you are, and the other changes that you can make are to take one step at a time we’re all struggling with our weight as we get older we have weight challenges as well speaking as an older mom now so we all going to take it one step at a time. We can do it together as a…


Thank you mommy! I love you too

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